ASH WEDNESDAY | February 14

6am – 9am | 11am – 1pm | 6pm – 8pm

You are encouraged to stop by the church Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent, a 40-day journey to Easter (not including Sundays), where the church for centuries has marked this time as a reminder of our brokenness and our need for The Savior.

You are encouraged to drop by the church during one of the available times, for a self guided time of reflection and to receive the imposition of ashes. The 3-4 stations should take no more than 30 minutes


to The Lenten Journey. We pray this will be a rich and rewarding time of reading and reflection each day during these weeks of Lent, as we head toward the celebration of Easter. We’re going to be reading each day (except Sundays) from the Gospel According to Mark. Our daily selected reading and written prayer will (most often) be brief, but we’d invite you to not hurry through it. Take some time. Read and pray reflectively. Even if the entirety of the chapters in focus are not recorded here (for instance, the focus of Week 1 is Mark, chapters 1 and 2), perhaps you can take time to read them on your own. And maybe allow the written prayers to simply be a starting place, a springboard into further reflection and prayer. We pray this will be a significant season of deepening for each of us.

Blessings on the Journey.

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